About Clint Swindall

Welcome to my blog! My name is Clint Swindall, and I am a professional speaker, trainer, consultant, and author of two books on leadership. My primary focus is employee engagement. While I work with the leaders of organizations to build a culture where employees want to work, I also focus on the employee’s role. It’s a simple concept. Successful companies are the direct result of successful people. Enhance the people, and the organization has a chance to improve. So, on this blog, I will address several aspects of personal and professional development. My posts will include leadership tips, reviews of the work of some of my peers in the leadership development world, comments on current news stories, rants about whatever insanity is happening in the world, and general personal experiences. I get the opportunity to stand on stages and share my thoughts with thousands of people every year (in a limited amount of time). This space gives me an opportunity to continue the conversation. This is my tale.